How to Make Facebook. Facebook or now more usually called fb is the largest and most popular social networking today and this site was launched in February 2004 that is operated and owned by the Facebook, Inc.. Facebook itself was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his roommate and fellow computer science students who diantarnya dalah Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Well maybe just enough so the picture on facebook, for when this would all be familiar with facebook because facebook itself has become very popular. By looking at here is why I wanted to write an article about How to Make Facebook.


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How to Make Facebook

How to Create a facebook is very easy, provided we want to make a facebook account must have a registration email to facebook. Sign up facebook it does not take a long time as long as we have internet connections that can be used to open the pages of this site is enough to make a facebook. How the heck do I make a facebook? .. Okay, I see my explanations one by one below.

Open a facebook page that addressed in
Please fill in the registration box on the data that are required such as First name, Last name, Email, Password, Gender, Date of birth. And if everything is filled in then just push tombok “Sign Up”. How to Make Facebook
At this stage it will show a page that asks you to enter text as security. Just enter the requested words with the exact text contained in images. If it is just click “Sign Up”. How to Make Facebook
If it is then the page will appear as below. Just click “Skip this step”. How to Make Facebook
Next, you asked for profile information including the name of your school, college, institution. If you do not want to fill it feels just click the button “Skip”. How to Make Facebook
At this stage then you are prompted to enter your profile photo, please upload your photos directly from your computer or can use webcame if necessary. Click “Save and Continue”. How to Make Facebook
Please open your email inbox instead of facebook as a confirmation that your email is correct and you want to use to make a fb account.

How to Make Facebook

Well now facebook and already finished, and you’ve managed to tutorial “How to Create a Facebook” is. Soba can find new friends by city, state, school and so forth. If my friend had acquaintances who have a facebook account, please ask for the email and add to be your friend on fb is. So that your friends will increase. Facebook can be used to update the status of such status only funny if it’s on twitter as well as ngetweet. It also can be used to send messages, Chatt, sharing, discussions like forums, create a fan page and many more and please dipelajar own.

Just now I had kepikiran on twitter, and twitter social layakan also provides a micro blogging network. Twitter is also very popular and has become a competitor Facebook at this particular time. To find out more my friend can make a twitter account and the guidelines can also be read in my previous postinga entitled “How to make twitter”. Well, I feel I have enough sharingnya, my hands are too tired to start typing text lagi.hehehe .. Have fun and new premises facebook twitter too easy. Artike Hopefully I can help you in need of this tutorial.

How to Use Twitter

How To Use Twitter For Beginners The Correct Indonesian. for blackberry users may have often and know how to use this twitter, well on this occasion specially for beginners will be discussed in the Indonesian way of using twitter is good, well for that we must first understand the language in understanding and twitter, try to read the code deh that you should know to use twitter the right way.

Next you need to know how to use twitter in the

how to use twitter

we first have to register first twitter account, can pake ato gmail yahoo, will be described in the following posts to register, well this time let me read first wrote familiar use twitter later.

Follower: Follower means one who is on twitter follow us and add us as a friend, they’ll accept any renewal of our status terupdate.kalo fb user you will surely understand this.

Following: this means that your friends / people that we follow for each activity and updates on twitter it, as followingnya we will accept whatever he is doing status updates and activity.

Reply: reply. To make reply, simply click ‘Reply’ which is located just below the charging box tweet. This means that we will reply or respond to the person’s status.

ReTweet: tweeted the status of others or publish status of the person in our state. This is done by a variety of reasons it is impossible to comment on their status, or simply re-publish status because of their status or inspire interesting and useful for our folower.

Direct Message: DM are often called, is a personal message, like a message in Facebook. This message is not publicized in the timeline (if the wall on Facebook), so only we can read it.

Trending Topic: topic / issue that again is hot or warm and busy talking on twitter.

Favorites: used to store a specific tweet that you want (as we like of course).

well above that you need to know and if you already know, later on we’ll discuss more about this use of twitter.

unfortunately not on twitter as facebook can upload pictures or photos gokil you are already in edit photos online, but to update twitter status more comfortable, there may be useful How To Use Twitter this post.